New Semester, New You

There is nothing better than curling up in bed with a nice book and the heater running during the winter time. However with cooler weather comes the lingering feeling that school is about to begin once again. It feels like we just finished crazy finals week…because we did. However the start of spring semester or any semester is like a college students personal New Years. A new semester means a new you, or at least that is the goal. Whether it is to do better in your classes, talk to that cute guy in your class or hit the gym more, the new semester gives you that chance. If you’re like me, I love the beginning of a new school semester. New classes, new people and a new chance to surprise myself. I know, I know that sounds crazy, but thats me. There is something about stepping off the bus and taking the first step of my new semester that I love. Now three years into college, I can say that it took quite a while for me to find my place. My wish for all of you is to find your place as well.

Have a beautiful day.

~College Girl


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